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5 choses à connaître sur la culture autochtone au Canada

Les Inuits, Métis et Indiens constituent la population autochtone du Canada. Ces derniers sont aujourd’hui désignés sous le terme « Premières Nations» et leur culture riche et ancestrale fait partie intégrante du patrimoine canadien.


Les sculptures traditionnelles en

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5 Types of Food You Can Easily Bring to Attend an Outdoor Festival

Knowing which foods to bring outdoors can be a risky business. You do not want anything that will get sticky or go bad, but you do desire tastiness! Afterwards, remember to use your trusty dishwasher on any plates and utensils …

10 of the most translated Shakespeare’s plays in the world

Shakespeare's WorksShakespeare’s plays have been translated into scores of languages, from Arabic to Zulu, English to French translation and so on. Translating the elegant verses of Elizabethan England into another language involves localizing the play into a foreign context. Here is …

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Appliance Manufacturers use Song to Perfectly Reiterate their Message

Advertising has managed to engage millions of people through music in recent years that has, in turn, revolutionized industries and brands. Even companies such as a dishwasher repair company or refrigerator manufacturer have been able to capitalize on this successful

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